Suddenly wanting to recover the deleted wechat friend or wanting to add wxid friend?

Here you go,the right and only place where you can get the help.If you want to recover a deleted wechat friend,there are two know the friend's id,but it is wxid_xxx,so you find that you can not add him or her; even do not know wxid,well,please write email to us and go on the page follow.

First Step

If you are using iphone,please use itunes backup the phone files,that can be very useful if remote assitant required.If you are using android,the wxid is required or we can do nothing.

Second Step

Write Email to us,the email address is [email protected]

Third Step

You can wait for our reply within 24 hours or add our wechat by Id:jokeboy2016.

Afortable Price

Our help is not free!Here are cases for you may encounter.And each cases will be charged different for difficulty not the same.

Already Got The Wxid

  • $ 50/id
  • wxid should be like wxid_xxx...
  • We can turn it into wechat id
  • Wechat Id like:jokeboy2016
  • So you see,you can add me
  • After you paid,you can the wxid too.

Or Email Me Now

Find Wxid By Iphone

  • $ 99/id
  • Backup files with itunes
  • Tell us his or her nickname
  • Should be wechat nickname
  • Dating with us at the weekend time
  • Using teamviewer remote assit you

Or Email Me Now

Find Wxid By Android

  • $ 89/id
  • You should Root the Phone
  • We could not operate UnRooted
  • You should also install RootExplorer
  • Zip data/data/ files
  • Using teamviewer remote assit you

Or Email Me Now

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still do not know how to recover deleted wechat friend or add wxid wechat friend,you can read follow details.

What is wxid friend?

Wxid is the wechat id default setted by wechat system,if you do not set the wechat id,then you id will be like wxid_xxx.But you could not find wxid friend directly,so you need us.

How to add Wxid Friend?

There are two ways,we can turn the id into wechat id like my id jokeboy2016,then you see,you could add me now.

How to recover deleted wechat friend ?

Recover deleted wechat friend is not that easy,as we may need to root the phone if the phone is android system.Or we need to backup files with itunes,then we can find the deleted id from backup files.

Any Software required?

No.And from our experience,we strongly do not recommend you to use any software making recover jobs.You know,the software may destroy the files twice,and when you use software,please backup all files in case losting the important files by software.